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Legal Advisors Barcelona: The most common form for a company under the Spanish Corporate Law is the limited liability company (Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada, abbreviated as “S.L.” or “S.R.L.”).

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Legal Advisors Barcelona

The liability of the shareholders of a company formed as an S.L., for the debts of the company, is limited to the amount of their capital contributions.

No minimum number of shareholders is required by Spanish law to incorporate a company (it is also possible with a sole shareholder).

An S.L. is governed by the Capital Companies Law and by its by laws.

The bylaws shall concrete the corporate purpose, the capital stock and the shares into which it is divided (minimum capital stock: €3,000), the registered office (located in Spain), and the management body.

The management of the company can be entrusted to a sole director, several directors acting severally or jointly or a board of directors. The bylaws may establish different means of organizing the management, giving the shareholders’ meeting authority to choose between any of them without the need to amend the bylaws. In the case of collective management bodies, the procedures for debating matters and adopting resolution must be specified, as must the system for director remuneration, if any.

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