>  Enrique J. García Rodríguez

Enrique J. García Rodríguez

Senior Partner

My professional activity is getting more focused on the commercial and corporate law area, without dissociating from the rest of the branches of law that encompass the daily management of any company (tax, administrative, civil, etc.). After all, I have dedicated my whole life to this.As a matter of fact, I started performing administrative duties, and now I am the one who coordinates the Legal Area of the office.

Due to my academic specialization in Tax Law, I have a broader vision on legal matters. It is hard for me to understand that today it is possible to buy and sell real estate, formalize contracts, or even plan or accept an inheritance, from a purely legal perspective, without assessing the implications and tax consequences that derive from any economic operation.

The more experience I gain, the more aware I am of my own limitations. Everything is increasingly complex and evolves faster. For that reason, interdisciplinary collaboration is the key; teamwork is not only necessary, but essential.

On a personal level, I am probably an old-fashioned person who still believes in values such as honesty and friendship.

In my free time, I am quite fond of reading and the Thursday football match with my friends is a must!

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